ann stokes    by Ann Stokes

I wonder what it is we want to know about a potter and their pots?

I suppose the answers are ‘why do they pot?’ and ‘why do they make that sort of pot?'.

Some years ago my accountant said “why bother?”

This shattering question set me pondering.

With the exhausting, if exhilarating and totally unnatural training of a ballet dancer, skater, gymnast, acrobat......., there finally emerges a miraculous movement of grace and elegance. This has much in common with the animal world - soaring, swooping, leaping. The spread of the arabesque and the lift, as in a pas de deux, much like the final swoop of the Bluebird to her mate; this is what fascinates me in animals; where the line, elegance and grace exist naturally and of which I never tire of trying to show with bird mirrors, fish lights, zoomorphic tableware, frog fountains, etc. The performance, of course, falls far short of the dream.
Bat saucepan lid rack in fretsawn wood

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